About Us


To enhance the quality of life and promote economic vitality in Dickinson County by encouraging philanthropy and providing financial assistance for projects and programs that benefit local residents.

What is the Dickinson County Endowment Fund?

The Dickinson County Endowment Fund is a non-profit, tax exempt foundation established in 2005 to support community betterment projects in Dickinson County, Iowa. The Fund encourages philanthropic giving and provides financial support for projects and programs that improve the quality of life and help promote a healthy economy our county.

The DCEF is administered by a voluntary Advisory Council representing communities throughout the county. Additional support is provided by a team of consultants with special expertise in areas such as grant writing, public administration and law.

What is the source of the funding?

DCEF resources come from private donations, gifts and bequests as well as from state gaming revenues, a portion of which are distributed annually to Iowa’s “non-gaming” counties (Legislative Bill HF2303, passed in 2004). Each year approximately 75% of the fund’s “income” will be awarded in grants with the remainder set aside in an interest bearing endowment to build a base for future project support.

Advisory Council

The Dickinson County Endowment Fund Advisory Council is made up of volunteers who broadly represent the County’s residents; we live throughout the County and have diverse backgrounds.

Evan Bensley - Chair, Lake Park
Marilyn Vos - Vice Chair, Arnolds Park
Sandi Bueltel - Secretary, Superior
Dawn Matthews -  Treasurer, Terril
Greta Gruys, Spirit Lake
Megan Helgeson, Wahpeton
Tim O'Hagan, Spirit Lake
Ryan Schmidt, Okoboji
Annie Wasson, Milford